New York Post: Fifth Avenue CarJacking

Feb 5, 2020

Car Crashed on FDR

A homeless speed demon with a millionaire’s taste carjacked four different rides — including three Mercedes-Benzes — as she burned rubber down an eight-mile stretch of Manhattan’s east side, causing multiple crashes along the way, cops told the New York Post Saturday.

Aludein Marks had no weapon but plenty of attitude, as she boozily bullied her way past the driver of each luxe vehicle, cops said. When she smashed one car up, she simply shoved away a new driver and commandeered the steering wheel, police said.

It took just 30 minutes for the high-octane 25-year-old to steal and crash four cars and smash into nearly 20 others — amazingly only causing minor injuries to four victims, cops said.

The alleged one-woman smash-up derby began at 7:15 Friday p.m. at 5th Avenue and East 74th Street, when she jumped in the passenger seat of a gray Mercedes-Benz sedan and wrestled the stunned driver out of the car, cops said. She drove the Benz south toward the FDR, striking an occupied car near East 68th Street and York Avenue and another near East 62nd Street and 2nd Avenue without slowing down, cops said.

At the FDR service road at East 41st Street, she traded in the badly smashed sedan for a black Mercedes-Benz G-class SUV — again by shoving aside its driver, who had gotten out to help her, sources said.

The next leg of her joyride was on the FDR service road, where she slammed into a Toyota Corolla near East 34th Street and flipped her new Benz — worth $130,900 — onto its side, police said.

Undeterred, Marks jumped out and spotted a driver sitting inside a third Mercedes-Benz. She snatched the man’s cellphone, and when he got out to confront her, she got in his car and floored it southbound on the FDR, sources said. After flattening several of the tires, she abandoned the third Benz on the drive at East 26th Street, where she jacked a fourth set of wheels from another Good Samaritan who’d stopped to help her, cops said.

Marks hopped into that man’s silver Toyota Camry — a definite downgrade — and plowed into at least 15 more cars on the drive as she lead-footed it downtown, cops said. Her cannonball run ended when she allegedly slammed the Toyota into a barrier near City Hall. Cops on a City Hall security detail caught up to her and placed her under arrest at about 7:45 p.m.

Marks — who has a long rap sheet of at least four felonies and 13 misdemeanors, sources said — was hit with a slew of charges, including three counts of robbery, four counts of grand larceny auto, driving while intoxicated and operating a vehicle while drug-impaired.

Police said Marks appeared to be drunk, but refused a Breathalyzer.

She was taken to New York-Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital for observation and had not yet been arraigned by late Saturday.

Marks has been homeless since her last stint at the Vernon C. Bain Correctional Center in The Bronx, authorities said.

When she was 19 years old, she was interviewed by NBC News for a feature on transgender teens struggling to survive on Big Apple streets.

“Sometimes I have hard days,” said Marks, who told the outlet she has HIV and became homeless when her mom kicked her out of her house. “This life, it gets depressing.”

Source: New York Post